Windows are a great way to make your home stand out. Not only do they make your home beautiful, but they can even improve the energy efficiency of your home and make your home more comfortable. We take pride in enhancing the lives and homes of our customers. With products that are low maintenance, energy efficient and affordable, WindowCraft can ensure you never have to worry about windows again. Browse our product line gallery, or come see us at our showroom to get ideas for your home and say goodbye to window maintenance for years to come.

Aluminum Clad Wood

Premium Extruded Clad with Powder Coat Finish. Solid wood windows with 1/16” aluminum outer layer for UV and moisture protection. 50 colors available. Custom color match available on extended lead time.

Anodized Aluminum

When personal style or design dictates a unique color solution, just tell us what your wish is. Our standard range of aluminum clad colors is enhanced with the choice of true custom color specification. All of these features ensure that you get the exact color you want every time.

All Wood

Solid wood with long-term durability ensured by CoreGuard, the best wood treatment in the window industry. 4000 colors available.

Solid Vinyl

Known for their beefy construction and quality performance, our vinyl windows will open up any room.

Window Shapes

Getting new windows for your home or business can be a great improvement option for the look and efficiency of the building. To get a head start on some of the most common terms that will help in the decision making process and beyond, here is a quick run-down of types of windows and their explanations..


This is a type of window that, when open, pushes out at the bottom. This is a great style because it keeps rain or snow out while simultaneously letting outdoor air in.

Bow & Bay

A set of windows that offer a panoramic view. There are typically three windows together, the middle being the largest while two smaller windows on either side are angled to create a slight curve. Bow windows are usually the same size with more than 3 windows.

Casement Windows

This style of window opens like a door with a crank out handle. It is similar to an awning window except the panel is vertical and it is better for cross ventilation.

Double Hung