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Have you been searching for that one piece that will—dare we say it—tie the room together? The thing that gives your home that feeling of exquisite luxury? We can officially announce that your search has come to an end. Furthermore, we know how to instantly turn your home into a sanctuary of light and picturesque views.

You might have guessed the solution already. Yes, we’re talking about the newly innovated Curtain Wall System by Loewen. This home design is sweeping countrysides, villas, quiet mountain escapes, and other areas across the country due to its versatility and stunning effects.

Why is the curtain wall just what your home needs? Read on to find out!

Simply Beautiful with Structural Engineering

The curtain wall system seems simple enough, but the only thing simplistic about this design will be how elegantly the outdoors blend with your interior. The windows are expertly crafted to add views to your living space without bearing any structural load.

In fact, the Loewen Timber Curtain Wall is designed with lightweight materials and factory-prepped to make the installation at your home cost-effective and effortless. Minimal interior and exterior glazing offers wide-open sightlines. Natural light is the cheapest and easiest way to revamp the atmosphere in your home, and the curtain wall will no doubt liven up your space substantially.

Custom Features to Match Your Home

Popular Windows And Doors

Want to maintain the bright features you’ve cultivated in your home? Our curtain wall styles can be crafted using various wood species, including the traditional Coastal Douglas Fir or vibrant White Oak. You can take your customization a step further and choose one of our many stain options, or simply leave the wood with a clear coat.

Weather Built

Popular Windows And Doors

It’s not just the look of these windows that appeals to homeowners everywhere. The architectural design incorporates metal-clad or all wood exteriors with a water drainage system so that you can have luxury and performance in one. The Loewen weather management feature allows water to drain down the verticals, reducing the need for drainage holes and preventing water streaks on surfaces below them.

All exterior surfaces should protect against weather, no matter how beautiful. Our installation team can work with you to position your curtain wall for optimal weather resistance. This includes the amount of light you want to experience through your windows.

Depending on the direction your wall faces, more or less light will enter through the expansive space. The more light let in, the more you can save on heating expenses. In North Texas, however, more heat can be worked around. Talk to your WindowCraft experts about curtain wall design solutions and learn more about why your home is begging for a facelift.