Home designs are progressing toward a better way to blend the spaces inside and outside the home. Not only does emphasizing the harmony between the living spaces allow homeowners to maximize the use of space but certain architectural elements enhance the entertaining experience. An increasingly significant way to transform a space is the use of doors and windows. WindowCraft can help you create a new entertainment experience for you and your guests with several of our door styles.

Bifold Doors

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Completely transform your space using WindowCraft bifold doors. Incorporating bifold doors into your home can take a dull space and transform it into a space of dynamic possibilities.

Bifold doors slide open and fold up against the wall in one swift motion, which gives you free and full access to the adjoining spaces. Typically, bifold doors are glazed with large glass panels. This design allows a remarkable amount of natural light into the space of your home. The doors open and close by effortlessly gliding along a tracking system, which allows for complete control and quiet movements in the home.

These doors become a beautiful and picturesque barrier when you want them too, highlighting landscape or providing an accessible window into another space in your home. Open your bifold doors for a freer flowing atmosphere that is perfect for parties and to seamlessly integrate the outdoors into your home.

Multislide Doors

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Multislide doors lend your space the ultimate protection against the weather while providing the flexibility to make your space what you want. These doors use stainless steel tracking and traditional weather stripping so that they are easy to operate and protect against weather in a closed position. The interlocking system on the inside of the panels allow you to enjoy unobstructed views while open or closed.

This design comes with the ability to hide the doors in a wall cavity, allowing you to completely maximize your space. If you prefer to keep the doors as an architecturally significant part of your home, they can act as a panel feature. Open the doors from the center of the panels to create a bi-parting effect. Multislide doors can offer a cohesive aesthetic for a contemporary home, or they can be made to present a traditional look to complete any architectural design intended.

Create a more inviting living space by using mutlislide doors to fully customize the look of your home.

Liftslide Doors

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Door technology continues to improve the spaces of your home with lifeslide doors. Similar to the bifold doors, liftslide doors glide on “Barely There” stainless steel tracks, which allows for easy and quiet operation. To ensure complete protection against weather, the handles on the doors allow you to lift the doors up to slide easily and sit them down directly on the tracks to seal against outside elements.

The liftslide doors collapse on themselves to make a stacked window feature. These doors present a panoramic view across your home that creates an unrestricted yet cozy feeling when closed and a light and airy atmosphere when open.

Liftslide doors blend the inside and the outside of the home while keeping the doors aesthetically pleasing when collapsed. This expansive, window-like design is perfect for watching the sunrise over breakfast, enjoying an afternoon pool party, or having a movie night in.

Sliding Patio Doors

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Sliding patio doors are the economical and stylish way to seamlessly extend your living space onto your patio. Gliding along a horizontal track, these doors are easy to use and present a visually appealing symmetrical look to your home.

These beautiful wood or vinyl doors can help create any design you want from modern to rustic and everywhere in between. Add character by customizing the decorative door handles.

Sliding patio doors are perfect for opening up a conservatively sized space or transforming a preexisting floor plan. When closed, sliding patio doors perfectly frame your view of the outdoors. This design brings the outdoors and the indoors closer to you and your guests.

Swinging Terrace Doors

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Swinging terrace doors should not be thought of as just your average entryway. Proper use of swinging terrace doors can make for a gorgeous way to move between the spaces in your home. These doors are perfect for adjusting to any space using two common styles.

French terrace doors or hinged on the outside of the door frames, and both panels can be opened from the middle door handles. This style can frame your entryway and provide a unique architectural feature for your home. Traditional terrace doors hinge in the middle of the panel or panels so that one panel is fixed and the other moves freely. These doors use weather stripping where the doors meet the floor so that you can have piece of mind when entertaining.