Popular Windows And Doors

Pivot doors have been gaining popularity in new construction and major remodel projects for replacement doors in Dallas within the past five years. These entry doors often become a showpiece with their elegant style and seamless movement. Plus, they are customizable to fit every taste with a generous selection of finishes and materials. Pivot doors often complement and bring together the overall architecture of the home as a front door, entrance door to a statement room, or open up a house to exterior entertainment and living areas.

Popular Windows And Doors

ivot doors are typically custom-built for each project. They can be constructed with many different materials, such as steel, wood, and aluminum. Pivoting doors can be built as solid panels with no glass, large glass with zero or minimal framing material, or can be customized with intricate glass designs.

However, with all the pros there must always be some cons. If you are considering a pivot door for you home, be sure to take into consideration that these doors are difficult to weatherstrip. Weatherstripping issues can lead to greater air and water infiltration, whereas side-hinged/swinging doors can create a better seal. If you choose a pivot door, it is ideal to have an adequate exterior overhang, and/or interior flooring that can withstand minimal exposure to these elements.

Many consumers are also weary of the potential for pinched fingers when operating a large pivot door. Also, if choosing a wooden pivot door, be aware that large wood doors of any kind can warp over time. Advances in wood core materials for doors have helped alleviate this concern, but it remains a factor to consider. Steel and aluminum options are ideal materials for these oversized panels because they are less prone to warping.

As pivot doors gain popularity in residential installations, they are most commonly seen in homes that are relatively new and have modern architecture, but can be designed to achieve a traditional/rustic appearance in the right application. Pivot doors, or a series of pivot doors, are also seen as a great way to showcase large, open living spaces that have connections with the outdoors.

A free consultation with the WindowCraft team will assist you in determining whether your home would benefit from a pivot door or what styles would complement your home.